Only a select few adventurous souls will get over their bad selves to make the trip to Lviv for our race.  Those who do will be welcomed into a community of fellow traveller runners.  Let’s make this a fun event.  

First, please connect with us on Facebook.  Please do so even if it seems that nothing there is written in a language you can understand. We’ll respond in English and get you connected.

Once you’re in Lviv, we’ll do our best to connect you with fellow runners (both Ukrainian and foreign).  Just let us know how we can help or come to the check-in booth in Market Square.   If you happen to be in Lviv early enough, remember that we hope to have a Recce Run on Wednesday afternoon/evening.

Likewise, if you have nothing to do on Thursday before the race, we can always use your help.  Remember, this is a not-for-profit event.

The friday before the race we will try to organize some sort of dinner/get together at a local restaurant.   You have a serious race the next day, so we suggest keeping the beer and wine consumption to a sensible minimum :).

At the finish there will be a place to rest. We are at the time of this writing working with a local craft brewery to provide you with some free drink tickets and perhaps some food.  The finish is in the center of a very lively city.   If you still have energy, the celebrations can continue well into the night.  Just be sure not to miss your flight back home, even if you won’t want to leave!