Step 1: - Go To RunStyle, click on the Orange 'Sign Up' button.

Step 2: Sign in to RunStyle or Create an Account

It will prompt you to sign in with Facebook or to sign in with / create an account.  Signing in with Facebook is the easiest – we suggest you use it if you can.  If you do, you can skip right to step 3.  If not, please keep reading.

If you click the ’email’ option above you’ll ge this screen.   To create an account click up the small ‘sign up for an account’ text link.  If you do, you’ll get another screen that just asks you for an email address and password similar to the above. Enter your email address there and create a password.  You’ll then get a message like this:

This tells you to check your email for a confirmation email.  Presumably there is a confirmation link in that email.  We haven’t actually gone further than this on this method.  If you need help beyond this, please contact us and let us know.

Step 3: You are signed in to RunStyle. Let's sign you up for a race!

Select the race you want and click ‘next.’  All the exhange rates that we quote here are approximate and subject to change, as are race prices.

Now, fill in the runner’s (your) personal info.   Use the guide above.  Don’t worry if your phone number doesn’t fit.  The months in the drop-down box are in logical order (the first one is January, etc).  Click Next.

More stuff to fill in. Please do so and then click ‘Next.’

You’ll then get a confirmation screen. Check your data and that it’s the correct race. Click the checkbox that says you agree to the race rules and to the benign RunStyle terms and conditions.  Click “Register!”   Please do not click “Register” unless you are committed to paying for and attending the race.  

Congratulations!  You are now registered.  Please click ‘Pay Now’.

Step 4: Pay for the Race

Before you get to the actual payment screen, you will get another reconfirmation screen confirming the amount to be paid and the race you are signed up for.  Click ‘next’ to continue.

This is the actual payment screen.  Ignore the parts at the top and the bottom which deal with Ukrainain proprietary PrivatBank payment methods. What you are looking for is the middle of the payment screen.  By default, it is set to ‘Kartka’ which means ‘card payment.’  Please try paying there.  Often this will work fine, but some foreign cards won’t work or you might need to contact your bank to confirm the transaction.  A more reliable way to pay is via MasterCard SecureCard/SecurePass. Click the green text “Other Means to Pay” button to switch the screen to “MasterPass” mode and try that if you have a payment method that supports this.

We do not have screenshots of what happens next.  Presumably it’s some variant of unhappy red text if your payment was declined and happy green icons if your payment went through.   

If you go back to step 1, you will see how to see the list of people who have signed up for races – this is not necessarily the list of people who have paid.   So, just because your name is there doesn’t mean that you have paid.   If you are not sure if you have paid, please contact us and we’ll look it up.

Remember, if you have problems, there is also the alternative method to pay.

Thank you for signing up! We hope to see you in Lviv soon!